Small Snippet of November

Small Snippet Nov

November and September have been a pretty lazy months for me, however I am back on the writing wagon and have a bunch of posts backlogged 🙂

David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities

292378aa7135fae869579dbc0f7bb5c8f153eeedThe always reliably entertaining David Attenborough offers up a show that is a little different from the norm. Where previous shows heavily feature animal footage, Natural Curiosities instead offers a more academic viewpoint. Each episode looks at a natural curiosity and looks at the animals that exhibit it. Examples of such curiosities range from Parthenogenesis (asexual reproduction) to the reason why male seahorses give birth.

Attenbough presents the history behind these ponderings, often delving into old records and discussing the previously held ideas and misconceptions about the animals. Natural Curiosities is quite absorbing not only for the interesting questions that it answers but in the varied way in which it presents these curiosities.

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