I’m back!

boom baby

Boom Baby –

I’m back!

I’ve been gone for almost two years but I’m back. The blog has recently undergone some major work; a few touch ups here, some major reconstructions there.

You may have noticed:

  • The blogs name has changed. This has been something I have wanted to do for a while but couldn’t think of anything better. The idea was to have something that addressed the fact that I don’t tend to review things so much as talk about how I am experiencing them or just enjoy them. I hope you like the new name and that Ally’s Appraisals fits the blog content more.
  • I have changed the blog theme and am working those feature images and slider bar.
  • The Currently Consuming and Small Snippet headers have been reworked into something smaller and I what I think looks better.

I have no promised on the types of content or the frequency of the posts but I will be making an effort to keep this blog updated and relevant (if only for resume purposes). I look forward to writing more posts and getting back to engaging with the blogging community again.


Apologies (I have a reason this time)

My recent Book Bingo post was the first one in a while, the first in three months to be exact. Of all of the excuses I could possibly give you, I find that my actual reason is the best: I recently made the transition from casual to full time work and I have just found myself so exhausted. So once again I find myself offering so many apologies for neglecting the blog but I am afraid my desire to veg and watch Netflix once I get home will probably continue.roses

However I will strike while the iron is hot, that is to say I am feeling inspired, and try and set up a backlog of posts. I am even going to take my notebook on the train now and try and get some posts written that way. So I look forward to posting in the fortnights to come!

Upcoming Study

On the 3rd of March, I will be starting my last semester (hopefully) of university. In an attempt to finish my course as quickly as possible, I have doubled my workload from the recommended two classes to four. Due to past blog neglect, I have tried to create a backlog of scheduled posts.

If the blog falls to the wayside and stops posting you have my apologies. If I somehow manage to maintain a weekly post for three months then I deserve many congratulations for my (not often demonstrated) diligence.

With that in mind, I leave you to my scheduled posts. When I see you again in three months, I will hopefully be a fully qualified librarian.


ImageMy apologies for ignoring this blog in the last few months, I am currently doing an online masters degree and have found that in-between all the reading and assignments, I just don’t have time to write blog entries.

However, I am officially on holidays for the next three months so I will start regularly updating again.

Next up: my love for Banjos.