Seventh Blogiversary

Woah! Has it been another year already?!

When I started this blog it was for a university assignment, who knew that it would awaken such a passion and sense of fulfilment in me? I am excited for 2020 and look forward to next year when I hit my eighth blog-iversary!

Just in case you missed them, check out some of my favourite posts, or ones that I am particularly proud of, from last year.

Sixth Blogaversary

Oh wow, so the time has flown since I started this blog. I will admit that I did abandon this site for about two years while I was working at a troublesome job which just sucked the life out of me 🧛‍♀️

But I’m back and 2018 was a year of pretty much constant and scheduled posts! So surprised and proud of myself. Here’s hoping 2019 sees me continue down this path 😁

Second Anniversary

The 29th of January marks the two year anniversary of this blog. Throughout 2014 I managed to create 41 posts, graduate university with my Masters degree, and have gotten a job. All that without breaking a sweat, well not really but things were done without much panic which I count as a good year.

I have noticed that there seems to be a pattern where I disappear for either a few months or almost half a year, generally round July. I will keep this in mind and will try my hardest to keep blogging throughout the year. If not I’ll take an intentional hiatus, that way at least my absence is ‘official.’

I have lots of exciting ideas for the coming months and look forward to writing posts for another year. I would give a shout out to all the people out the who are still hanging around and reading this, so thank you!!


cupcakeBirthday CakeTomorrow marks the one year anniversary of this blog. Over the course of the past 12 months, I have managed to write 29 posts, complete a year of post graduate study and through it all dealt with everything that life has had to throw at me (I maintain in a cool and collected manner). Certainly I will acknowledge the four month absence, though I would like to take the time to pass on the advice to never go on a holiday while studying in a break-free semester. No matter what you think, no amount of pre-holiday study will prepare someone for the sheer amount work they will have to catch up on. Learn from my mistakes!

In the next year, I make no promises about the posting frequency of this blog as I plan to double my previous workload at university in the hopes of completing my degree. Therefore regular posts may be on the infrequent side.

However, I very much enjoy posting and will hopefully maintain this blog in the coming year. Many thanks for reading!