Currently Consuming: BoJack Horseman

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So depressingly enthralling I can’t look away. Must. Binge. Watch.

About: A Netflix original, BoJack Horseman is an animated show about the life of anthropomorphic horse BoJack as he struggles to live his life after the success of his 1980s television sitcom. Voiced by Will Arnett, Bojack is a cynical, narcissistic, sarcastic, self-obsessed, wreck of a horse whose life always seems to be on the verge of falling apart. The story of the show is one that revolves around the writing, release, and aftermath of a ghost written BoJack biography.

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Total Drama: All Stars

The newest instalment of Cartoon Network and Fresh TV/Teletoons’ Total Drama series sees contestants return, one year later, to Camp Wawanakwa. Chris, recently released from gaol on toxic waste dumping charges, returns as host to a group of fourteen contestants. These new hopefuls are a mix of the past four series, with seven from the original cast and seven from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Rather than previous seasons where contestants were separated randomly, Total Drama: All Stars separates the campers into heroes and villains groups. The ‘good’ and ‘bad’ characters return in this thirteen episode season to fight for a $1,000,000 cash prize. The returning campers in the new season are Cameron, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Sam, Scott, and Zoey from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and from the first three seasons, Alejandro, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, and Sierra. As a particular favourite of mine, the return and resolution for Alejandro and Heather is a welcome one.

While sporting a new strategy for the team separation, the show attempts to hark back to the first season of the show. Mixing old and new concepts, each episode focuses on either a previous challenge or on a brand new one. As always though, the season starts off with a cliff drive, or in most cases, fall. This mix up of old and new gives the show a fresh energy, with each subsequent episode flowing easily into the other.

Plot is still very important to this animated, Survivor-esque show, so the creation, collapse and chaos of many relationships feature heavily. However, a larger storyline concerning a certain character subtly plays out over the whole series before culminating in a spectacular finale. The non-stop hilarity, which is a major feature of the show series, is sure to delight viewers whether they be new or old followers. Through the many twists and turns that only a Total Drama title can pull off, All Stars proves to be a very solid and enjoyable show.

Arrested Development (Season Four)

arrested-development-season-4-netflix-01The new season of the cult comedy Arrested Development is one that breaks from the traditional story telling methods. Rather than following the previous episode structure of blended storytelling, the new season instead follows only one character and their story line at a time. Similar to the way in which the series was released by Netflix, namely all at once rather than episodically, audiences are afforded a much larger chain of events.

While certainly some viewers may initially be off-put by this shift, once the overarching concept of the series is realised the show can be understood and enjoyed. This concept is one, in my view, positions the show as more of an ensemble film. The way in which the story slowly comes together as audiences are fed more information is one that positions it so.

All the past ingredients are there, however it takes a few episodes to get back into the swing of things. When this happens though it is an almost return to form for the series. The Tobias, Gob and Maeby episodes shine through the most though, with the continuation of their story lines proving to be the most insightful and entertaining.

Arrested Development Season Four is one that was made to be watched as a complete series. If all 15 episodes can’t be watched in the one sitting, then a number of episodes in a sitting is advised. All that I can say about this season is don’t give up. The new format may throw people off but the continued story and the return of these characters make it all worth while.