I’m back!

boom baby

Boom Baby –

I’m back!

I’ve been gone for almost two years but I’m back. The blog has recently undergone some major work; a few touch ups here, some major reconstructions there.

You may have noticed:

  • The blogs name has changed. This has been something I have wanted to do for a while but couldn’t think of anything better. The idea was to have something that addressed the fact that I don’t tend to review things so much as talk about how I am experiencing them or just enjoy them. I hope you like the new name and that Ally’s Appraisals fits the blog content more.
  • I have changed the blog theme and am working those feature images and slider bar.
  • The Currently Consuming and Small Snippet headers have been reworked into something smaller and I what I think looks better.

I have no promised on the types of content or the frequency of the posts but I will be making an effort to keep this blog updated and relevant (if only for resume purposes). I look forward to writing more posts and getting back to engaging with the blogging community again.


Small Snippet of April

Small Snippet april

Once again we find ourselves with a large gap in between posts, and once again I offer the same excuse. I’m just so tired. Due to this posts often get put so way behind on my priorities, but fret not you’ll get random posts.

Last month was a bit of a blur for me but there were some stand outs amongst the noise.

Sia – This is Actingsia

I have always been aware of Sia, especially her early work within Australia, however her last album and this new one have grabbed my attention. Where 1,000 Forms of Fear was a evolution of her personal style, This is Acting is Sia hitting her mark. The album is solid from start to end, I can say that I am a fan of every song on the album and often find myself sneaking a headphone in and listening to it at work.

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Apologies (I have a reason this time)

My recent Book Bingo post was the first one in a while, the first in three months to be exact. Of all of the excuses I could possibly give you, I find that my actual reason is the best: I recently made the transition from casual to full time work and I have just found myself so exhausted. So once again I find myself offering so many apologies for neglecting the blog but I am afraid my desire to veg and watch Netflix once I get home will probably continue.roses

However I will strike while the iron is hot, that is to say I am feeling inspired, and try and set up a backlog of posts. I am even going to take my notebook on the train now and try and get some posts written that way. So I look forward to posting in the fortnights to come!


Over the last month I have been having a little break, but you can look forward to a few changes in the upcoming months. I mentioned in January that I wanted to change the name of the blog and at the moment I am giving this serious thought. Hopefully in the future you will see an unveiling of a new name and all the fun of the changing logos.

To make my life easier I am also cutting back on the Currently Consuming posts, ideally I would do one every week but the new plan is for one every fortnight. I feel that a more structured posting schedule will make it a tad easier to stay up to date.

I hope you have as much fun reading my posts as I have writing them.

Open2Study: Financial Literacy

Sadly this MOOC service has stopped operating. Feel free to read the post though 😊


Financial Literacy is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that is run by Open2Study and contributed by Macquarie University. The free to take class is one that explores what it means to be financially literate. The course starts on the 9th of February (2015)* and explores a number of topics that include, saving money, debt, and investments.

The course is broken up into four weeks with each week containing twelve of activities. The way in which the class is conducted is via short video lectures that are released in a tiered fashion. The course is structured with roughly ten video lectures each week, followed by a one question quiz. At the end of the lectures is a small five question assessment.

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Small Snippet of January

January has been a very nice and very hot month for me. As I’ve said in my Second Anniversary post, I have been thinking a lot about the coming months and am really getting excited about all the things I can write about. I am also really happy with how my newest feature, Currently Consuming, has been going and you may have noticed a small update with a few new graphics being added to the blog. These updated graphics have also moved over to the Facebook page as well, so run along and give that a look!

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Second Anniversary

The 29th of January marks the two year anniversary of this blog. Throughout 2014 I managed to create 41 posts, graduate university with my Masters degree, and have gotten a job. All that without breaking a sweat, well not really but things were done without much panic which I count as a good year.

I have noticed that there seems to be a pattern where I disappear for either a few months or almost half a year, generally round July. I will keep this in mind and will try my hardest to keep blogging throughout the year. If not I’ll take an intentional hiatus, that way at least my absence is ‘official.’

I have lots of exciting ideas for the coming months and look forward to writing posts for another year. I would give a shout out to all the people out the who are still hanging around and reading this, so thank you!!

Hot Tea Month

Small_cup_of_green_teaIt has recently come to my attention that is Hot Tea Month! Rather than subjecting you to a further tea review or going into extreme descriptive depths about hot tea, I will instead discuss the many ways and times that tea can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Why not replace your habitual morning coffee with a cup of tea? The more jaded of you might scoff at the notion of using tea to wake up, but I assure you, there is nothing better than a strong cup of black tea in the morning.
If black tea is not to your tastes, why not try an early morning cup of green tea? A lot of people are hesitant over green tea but give it a chance; remember its okay to add sugar.  Experiment and find out what flavours, bitterness or sweetness you prefer and then run with it! Know thyself!

Morning Tea
It’s in the name of the break, it’s your time to go and off and have a cup of tea. If you are lucky enough to have a morning tea break at your work, take advantage of it and brew yourself a nice cuppa.

Instead of pouring yourself a glass of soft drink or going out and buying a bottle of something, why not try a home-made iced tea? Iced tea is simple and is very cheap to make.

If you have teabags of a tea you like or loose leaf tea, simply pour a small amount of boiling water in a jug or glass and let the tea steep to the desired strength. Remove the tea and simply add cold water and/or ice. If you have time, put it in the fridge to cool down or enjoy on the spot. Once again iced tea is all up to personal taste, so if you want sugar you add as much or as little as you like.

Afternoon Tea
I am beginning to see a pattern in these breaks: tea! If you’re anything like me, you tend to get a little sleepy or tired after lunch time. So instead of falling asleep at your desk, take some time out and make yourself a cuppa. Once again any black or green tea, tea bag or loose leaves will be find, the caffeine in the tea should give you the kick you need. You should be feeling more alert in no time!

Similar to lunch, dinner is an opportune time to replace your glass of soft drink with a cup of iced tea. If cooking for a family or if you just want to have more than one glass at a time, it is worthwhile to make a jug of iced tea. It will cut down on the preparation time and will stay fresh for a while in the fridge.

Relaxing Time
It is after dinner, you are sitting down in front of the TV, the computer, a book or any other leisure activity, do you know what would be a great addition to this time? A cup of tea. Whether this is a warm cup of tea on a cold winters night, or a crisp and cool glass of iced tea in the Summer, a cup of tea is the perfect accessory.

If it’s time to boogie, as strange as it may seem, you can use tea to make some decent cocktails! Has anyone ever heard of the Long Island iced tea? … Granted said drink does not include any actual tea but you shouldn’t limit yourself.
Whether you add some spirits to iced tea or if you’re adding some liqueur to black tea, there are so many ways in which to get your drunken tea on! Pretty tea cocktails are just a Google search away!


Now that you know all the times of the day that you can drink tea (and if you don’t know that you can drink it anytime then you certainly didn’t read the post) you can go out into the next day and start drinking tea! As with anything however, remember that moderation is key.


Happy tea drinking, everyone!

The Body Shop: Strawberry Body Polish

The Body Shop‘s ‘Strawberry Body Polish‘ is a sweet smelling, exfoliating polish that can used in the shower everyday. It also smells amazing, feels great, and is an absolute joy to use. The Body Shop website describes the body polish as:

Have good, clean fun and smooth skin at the same time thanks to this fragrance foaming gel-based scrub that’s gentle enough to use everyday. Contains Community Fair Trade organic honey and Natural strawberry extract to moisturise and condition. 

bodypolishThe polish does all this and more. First off, the smell is of the body polish is, quite obviously, that of strawberries. However the honey within the product makes the scent much more sweeter and somehow deeper.

After the scent of the product, it is the texture of the body polish that wins you over. The polish is quite thick with small kiwi seeds mixed throughout the gel. These, coupled with the exfoliating nature of the gel, mix to create a truly wonderful experience.

Priced at $11.95 (AUD) the body polish is a tad expensive for 200 ml. However, I have found that this cost is offset by the small amount of gel needed to create a sizable lather. I have had my body polish for two months now and at writing this have used only half of the gel. However, I do realise that this all comes down to personal preference and that we each all use things or amounts differently.

For the environmentally minded, all of The Body Shop’s products are vegetarian and do not test on animals. The body polish additionally does not include microplastic beads and in a statement released by The Body Shop, states that they are in the process of phasing out the use of microplastics or polyethylene completely.

Overall The Body Shop’s ‘Strawberry Body Polish’ is a wonderful product. Whenever I use this I absolutely enjoy the experience both in and out of the bathroom. In addition to all of this the wonderful strawberry scent lingers for a while afterwards. If you find yourself walking past The Body Shop, I strongly urge you to pop in an have a smell of the sample ‘Strawberry Body Polish,’ you won’t regret it!

Upcoming New Feature

In the upcoming weeks you can look forward to seeing a new blog feature called, ‘Currently Consuming.’

work-in-progressCurrently Consuming‘ will be a weekly look at something that, you guessed it, I am ‘currently consuming.’ This however is not the traditional sort of ‘consuming’ in that I will not be making the change to a food blog. No, instead I will use the spot to focus on something that I am in the middle of interacting with.

Just like the blog itself, this may include watching, reading, listening, playing or any kind of interaction you can think of really. So expect to see TV series, books, games music, movies and a whole bunch more.

I am currently in the middle of figuring out the structure and template for the new feature but the first post will appear on the 9th of January. ‘Currently Consuming’ will hopefully become a weekly post which I indulge in and will make an appearance every Friday.