Anticipated Arrival Rundown: MIB: International and Tropico 6

Anticipated Arrived Rundown

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post an Anticipated Arrival Rundowns, but I’ve finally gotten around to watching and playing the below items. So check out the below things that I have previously anticipated arriving!

MIB: International

PostAnticipated Arrival: MIB: International

I have finally gotten around to watching this movie.

I say finally because not only did I miss it at the cinemas, but I have had this DVD checked out at the library for over four months. Terrible, I know! Over the end of the year break, I finally forced myself to sit down watch this movie.

It was okay. Not going to lie, I was expecting more chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson, if only because they were great together in Thor: Ragnarok. But other than that it was a decent film and scored extra points simply because Emma Thompson was in it.

And yes, in reference to my original post, Tessa Thompson in a suit was everything I dreamed 🥰

Tropico 6

Post: Anticipated Arrival: Tropico 6

Tropico 6 was a Xmas present from my lovely partner. I say lovely but really I should say terrible partner. If only because they gifted me a game I absolutely adore in the middle of an Australia Summer. Playing the game on the PC turns the already hot room into an oven. I power through though and sweat it out 😋

I haven’t started a sandbox game yet, as I am focusing on making it through the story mode chapters. They are as funny and challenging as ever! It is always so fun to pause the game and explain what I am doing to my island and why – think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, stealing tourist to make them play in my baseball team, and becoming a Pirate Queen!

I’ve already clocked over 80 hours on this game and am loving it! The jazzy latin music is once again addictive and I am steadily making my way through each mission. If you like simulation games and love a bit of hour and jazz, then Tropico 6 is the game for you!

Anticipated arrival comment

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