Small Snippet of October 2019

Singapore Breakfast by T2

Okay so you know I love my tea, so I had to share my current favourite blend! Singapore Breakfast is a beautiful and coconutty tea which is not only black tea but is a mix of both black and green tea. Based off of the Singapore kaya toast, the tea is a beautiful black tea that is so smooth to drink.

Currently the tea isn’t available in teabags, so I have been making my own and taking them to work. WhenI’m out and about in the shelves I have my little thermos of this lovely tea. I would really recommend giving this tea a try, it is quite different but everyone who I have gotten to try the blend, has loved it ☕️❤️


In a previous post I raved about how much I loved Scribd but shortly after, it changed its business model and all that I loved about it changed. I have recently found out that the book reading service has reverted back to its previous model, and now I am trying it again.

In case you didn’t know, Scribd is similar to Netflix and Spotify in that you are paying a monthly fee to have unlimited access to a media. In this case it is books, audiobooks, sheet-music, and magazines. You can go nuts reading as much as you want – however be warned if you read what the company deems as ‘too much,’ you will have your selection throttled.

So far I have read A LOT and in so far as being throttled, I have been stopped from accessing a certain number of books from authors that I have been reading frequently. In so far as noticing these restrictions, when viewing them, I am simply given the message that I can access them at a certain date – which just so happens to be my billing period.

Quick thoughts

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! I’m not a big celebrator as I dislike getting bogged down in the religion and stress of the holiday BUT it does mean that I am starting to think of all the books, movies, and TV specials I now can read without being classed as a complete weirdo 😋

Update on my 2019 goals.

  • Play Tropico 6 – As a surprise my partner bought me Tropico 6 😱It was on sale, so I am finally able to sit down and play this game. I haven’t played any of it yet but I am waiting for a weekend where I can sit down and dedicate a whole day to it.

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