Small Snippet of September 2019

You might not know this but at the time of this post going up, I would have just returned from Hawaii!

I have been, until very recently, working almost seven days a week for two years and I am ready for a break! The main thing I want out of anytime off right now is just to sleep in, relax, read, and do nothing. Also a trip to Wet ‘n Wild and the Disney store would be nice 😋 I am sure I will post some pics in next months Small Snippet, so keep an eye out.

Charli by Charli XCX

It was a surreal experience listening to Charil for the first time – if only because I have never listened to a new album and already known almost every song. Since seeing Charil XCX live when she opened for Sia in Sydney, I have been a big fan and have been eagerly listening to each new release. I was so excited to see this new album and it does not disappoint!

Stand outs on the album are ‘Blame It On Your Love (feat Lizzo – who you know I love!),’ ‘Gone’ which features the amazing Christine and the Queens, and ‘1999‘ with Troye Sivan. While each song that I love is one that features Charil XCX and another singer, the solo songs are also amazing! Check out my favourite songs video clip!

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

Okay so this is the first Tessa Dare book that I have read and I am not sure if it is the sheer amazingness of the audio book narrator or if all of Dare’s books are this entertaining. Because let me tell you, The Duchess Deal is so fun and entertaining!

I usually dislike audio books as I find it difficult to give them my full attention but since I now commute quite a distance to work each day, I have been able to give the book my attention as the only other thing I am thinking about is the highway.

Just to repeat myself though, the narrator of this audio book is amazing! Mary Jane Wells is great at voicing the whole cast and at times I am left questioning whether I would find so much humour in the written word as she is making me feel for the narration.

Quick thoughts

Having just finished a contemporary heterosexual romance for the first time in ages (not the above Tessa Dare book), can I just request that we move on from the whole ‘alpha’ male thing.

Men are multifaceted human beings who don’t need to be tough, strong, protectors who need to suck up all emotion and be a ‘man.’ It is 2019, I just want to read a contemporary romance with examples of actual men that I know and love – I want different personalities, I want sweetness, and I want emotional vulnerabilities. Is this really too much to ask?

Update on my 2019 goals.

  • Read a Lori Foster book – As I know have to commute a fair distance to work I have once again tried audio books. This month, I was finally able to finish Worth the Wait by Lori Foster. I had started the book months ago but found it so very cringe worthy that I stopped reading 😅 Driving down a highway being unable to turn off the audio book ensured that I was able to push through the cringey bits and make it to the end.

I can say that I did enjoy the book towards the end, and as I had previously said, I liked the differing perspectives especially that of the male POVs included but there were just so many parts that I took exception to – namely why Nathan wouldn’t just leave Brooklyn alone. Brooklyn is a shy and skittish character who requested multiple times that her Sheriff neighbour leave her alone but no, he persisted to make her uncomfortable in behaviour that I felt bordered on harassment. As I said, cringe worthy.

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3 thoughts on “Small Snippet of September 2019

  1. Well done on finishing an audio book! It can be super tough when you can’t skip the tough/cringy bits when you drive. It makes me long for being able to just skim the paragraph and turn the page.


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