Small Snippet of July 2019

July is not only the half way mark for 2019 but it is also a month of big change for me.

I got a new job!

The position is permanent part-time and comes with guaranteed hours per month. As someone who has worked casually for five years and who has been looking for permanent work for eight, this is a momentous occasion.

I actually have a wage. I can make plans with my wage. I don’t have to live in fear that my contract will be cancelled early with no notice! So much of the stress and fear I have been carrying around is slowing fading away and I’m coming to terms with these things.

July has been a good month and hopefully the rest of the year will be just as good!

The Sims 4: Island Living

Okay so it has taken ages but we finally have the island paradise expansion of the The Sims. I say finally because the Seasons and Island Living expansions are my absolute favourites. If I only had to chose two they would be it!

The Sims 4: Island Living does not disappoint, it is beautiful, fun to play, and I doubt I will return to the other town areas 😋 Why would I leave paradise? The added game play and careers are really engaging and I was so exited to see a lesbian couple and the first non-binary character included in the area.

Honestly, look at the below picture, how could you not want to play this expansion?

Dorian Electra

Described as an American singer, songwriter, video and performance artist, Dorian Electra is the gender fluid performer I need in my life. Shortly after Spotify included one of their songs in my Discover Weekly playlist, I had watched and listened to every song they’ve released.

Not only was I treated to all this new music, but days after a new album came out! Check out one of my favourite videos below! I may or may not have a thing for suits 😅 Be sure to watch the newest songs Flamboyant and Daddy Like.

Quick thoughts

I’m thinking about shaking up my Smut Lovers Reading Group posts. The group was initially one that had a lot of people contributing about what romance book they were reading and giving quick reviews, where I would extend mine and then use them as post material. The group appears to have died 😥 A lot of the members have had big life changes like having a child, continued study, or just aren’t reading as much.

So I’m thinking that in 2020 I’ll change things up and redo the regular post to something like a Romance Spotlight or Corner feature. I’m remiss to change it too soon because they’re quite easy to write and I have a fair few of them scheduled until November 😅

So in 2020 watch this space!

Update on my 2019 goals.

  • Parks and Recreation – I am flying through Season 4! I am starting to see why so many people love the show 😍
  • Lori Foster books – I’m currently reading Worth the Wait. I’m only three chapters in but I’m already finding the way in which she writes from the Male Romantic Leads Point of View really refreshing.

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