Cooking Corner: Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum? by by Sam Slaughter

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Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum?

and Other Cocktails for ’90s Kids

by Sam Slaughter.

Format: eBook.

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A cocktail book with recipes for re-creating adult versions of your favourite ’90s childhood drinks as well as original craft cocktails inspired by that iconic decade, Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum? is ’90s nostalgia in a glass!

Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum? is a tongue in cheek cocktail book for the former ’90s kid and those just discovering how cool old-school Nickelodeon and Delia’s once were. With recipes for alcoholic versions of childhood favourites like Ecto-Cooler and Mondo as well as creative pop-culture inspired originals like the Rum and Stimpy and Semi-Warmed Kind of Cider, this is a perfectly giftable mix of humour, nostalgia, and tasty recipes.

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My Thoughts

Are you Afraid of the Dark Rum is nostalgic and boozy trip back to the 90’s. You will find rum cocktails inspired by and reminiscent of parts of growing up in the 90’s. From Nickelodeon shows, to cheesy songs (Mumbo No 5 I am looking at you), you will find a number of recipes that will have no you only longing for a cocktail but thinking fondly about that era.

I will admit I do have a weakness for themed alcoholic beverages food, just look at my previous Cooking Corner posts, Are you Afraid of the Dark Rum is a fun cookbook that delivers on its rum based 90’s nostalgia. Are you Afraid of the Dark Rum is broken up into information sections needed to make the recipes, the cocktail recipes themselves, and then a fun last section dedicated to the 90’s. The sections are:

  • Introduction
  • Recommended Tools and Glassware
  • Basic Mixing Techniques
  • Converting to Metric
  • Building Your Taste Bar
  • A Note on Difficulty
  • Recipes
  • Appendices that look at Syrups and Infusions
  • And a great surprise – playlists and 90’s drinking games

The cookbook itself

Ease of Use: The recipes are set out in an easy to read layout and offer tips for some of the recipes which use different ingredients or feature a technique that is a little difficult. Each recipe also has it’s own picture, so you are even more tempted to whip out the rum and make some cocktails.


Recipes: The recipes are set out in a straight forward manner and feature a little comment by the author about the recipe and the piece of 90’s pop culture it is riffing on. Every recipe that I tried and had an in-depth look at, was really user friendly and easy to follow.

The ingredients are listed in order of usage and the following instructions are very clear and concise on what is needed to be done.

The recipes are written in imperial but the start of the book features a section which converts the ounces used in the book to millilitres. It’s not fun to have to flip back and forth to convert these (especially considering every country but three uses the metric system) but it is still great that this section is included in the book.

Book: The theme of the book is matched perfectly with the colour scheme and layouts used throughout the book. The pictures of the cocktails themselves were really fun but also showcased the drinks in a way that let me know just from looking at them if they were something I would like to try.

The back of the book also includes a ‘Playlists’ and ’90’s Drinking Game’ section that was a great way to finish of the book.


I would really recommend this cookbook to anyone who likes to drink rum or is looking for a fun cocktail book. Are you Afraid of the Dark Rum would be the perfect accessory for any 90’s themed party or pretty much anyone who has a cupboard full of rum and is looking to mix up something fancy.

Please note, I received a copy of Are you Afraid of the Dark Rum from NetGalley.

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