Kaidyn’s Courage by Diana Waters

Kaidyn’s Courage

by Diana Waters.

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When one man’s courage is lost to his own anger, another will try to rekindle it—no matter the cost.
Kaidyn is the son of the queen and a trainee officer in the kingdom of Sareen. He is also a Half-Blood—his father is from Iskandir, a neighboring kingdom which has been at war with Sareen for many years. Bitter and angry at the prejudice he faces, Kaidyn meets Sorin, a healer from one of Sareen’s most prominent noble families. As their relationship deepens, the war between Sareen and Iskandir grows worse. Not only will the pair inevitably become involved with the conflict one way or another, but Sorin is also hiding a secret, and time is running out for them both.

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Release Date: 22nd March, 2019.

Length: 147 pages.

Series: Wild Magics #2

Genre: QUILTBAG. M/M Romance. Fantasy.

Read as: eBook.

Sourced: the author.

My Thoughts

Kaidyn’s Courage is an emotional fantasy novel that at times had my heart racing and tears in my eyes. I really enjoy reading fantasy books that include QUILTBAG romances and Diana Waters has written an amazing book which delivers on all of these fronts.

I foolhardily started the book in my lunch break and was quite disappointed that I had to put it down and return to work. After this however, I was able to quickly devour the rest of the book in one sitting. Waters has written a really well paced novel that was not only really easy to read but made me want to keep reading. I found myself immersed very quickly and emotionally engaged with the characters. While I did read Kaidyn’s Courage quite quickly, boy did it manage to pack an emotional wallop.

The two main characters of the novel, Kaidyn and Sareen, shine through and the story is an engaging and entertaining one. I found myself intrigued not only by the story and romance of the main pair, but by the story that was happening in the background. So much happens around these characters that you’ll be kept guessing until the very end.

If I had to describe Kaidyn’s Courage is one word it would be: emotional. The book evokes such strong emotions, not only of love but of apprehension, compassion, and without spoiling anything, sadness. Towards the end I was reading with tears in my eyes and just hoping the characters would make it through.

Kaidyn’s Courage doesn’t end on cliffhanger but it does have me intrigued about how the world will change and how the characters will be affected. I’m looking forward to keeping my eyes out for more from this author!


I really enjoyed Kaidyn’s Courage and found Waters writing style to be quite emotional and engaging. I would recommend this for anyone who was a fan of the fantasy romance genre because it is top notch and entertaining!

Also the book is part two of the Wild Magic series but can be read as a standalone. As someone who hasn’t read the first book, I had no problems picking up Kaidyn’s Courage and reading it.

Please note: I received a copy of Kaidyn’s Courage from the author.

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