Small Snippet of May 2019

When did May sneak up on us? I cannot understand how fast this year is going 😱 Next thing you’ll be telling me it’s Winter tomorrow and I that need to pull out the flannelette sheets and heaters – oh wait, a cold snap has hit and it’s already freezing ❄☃ Let it be known that I already miss summer 😭🌞

DuckTales (2017)

Omgoodnes the memories! The show has the same theme song as the original and I perked up as soon as it started. Who knew I had the lyrics and song stored in my brain?

I’m really enjoying the updated TV show. Also, David Tennant voices Scoorge so there is that and it is amazing. Also it is making me want to re-watch Darkwing Duck!

Corporate (2018)

As an ex-desk slave Corporate feeds my past feelings of self loathing while working within an administrative position. The basis premise of the show is you follow the lives of three characters as they work for a soul sucking and evil corporation. The show is very similar to Better Off Ted (which I love!) but with a much darker spin.

If you have never been the worker bee shackled behind a desk a lot of the atmosphere and painful jokes may be lost on you, however if you have it will fill your black little heart with some soul crushing chuckles.

Final Space Season 2

The news of a season two dropped today and I couldn’t help but sneak it in. I am so happy that this show got a second season, almost a year ago in a Small Snippet post I talked about it and how much I enjoyed this show and how much Olan Rogers needs to be able to continue this masterpiece.

Check out the below trailer and get hyped for the next season or become intrigued and need to watch the first season.

Quick thoughts

Just a quick request for people on Goodreads. Can you please stop reviewing books that haven’t been written yet. I hate seeing books that have a publish date two years from now with over 20 five star reviews.

You haven’t read the book, please stop reviewing it. I understand you’re excited but please, stop.

Update on my 2019 goals.

  • Dream Daddy – I was very lucky and was given the opportunity to review Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Comic Book and it reignited my drive to finish the game. While fighting off a cold, I finally got around to romancing all the Daddies in Dream Daddy. I can honestly not pick a favourite, I enjoyed all of the romance options. Stand outs were Hugo, Damien and Craig though, I really enjoyed those characters and seeing how each story line was different. Joseph was a bit sad though, it was tough playing with someone who was married and that last scene was a bit bittersweet. (Hit me up in the comments if you agree). Also shout out to Amanda who was easily the best part of the game!

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