My TBR Pile

It’s April and I’m already falling behind in my reading goals 😅

My trouble at the moment is that I keep re-reading and picking up fluffy books that don’t count towards my Reading Challenges (fan fiction I am looking at you). I’m also struggling a little bit with picking books that fit challenges and then sticking to these books.

I may also have a few books that I need to read and review but for a multitude of reasons am dragging my heels. I thought that by popping them all into a post, it may prompt me to actually pick up the books and get them read 😊

Net Galley

I try not to have too many books on my Net Galley shelf otherwise I know that I would never get around to any of them. So the below are the three books that I currently have to read and review.

LV48 by Matt Doyle

Okay so I feel very bad about not having this book read and reviewed yet. LV48 was published in December and I still haven’t started it. While I do feel pretty shitty about this, I have a kind of okay reason – I have just finished reading and writing a review for the second book in the Cassie Tam Files Series.

While normally mystery and kinda crime based novels aren’t my cup of tea I’m pretty eager to read the third book in the series – the sci-fi world and characters are just so compelling! Keep an eye out for my review of the second book in the series, The Fox, the Dog, and the King.

the mermaid’s voice returns in this one by amanda lovelace

I have previously read and loved Lovelace’s first book of poetry but after about 20 pages of this book I stopped reading. I found I wasn’t an immersed as the first book and lost interest very quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, I plan to return and finish reading the poetry book but I was just a bit disappointed that it didn’t capture me like last time – which saw me devouring the book in one sitting. I’ve missed the publish date of this book but hope to finish it and get it reviewed soon *she says with the best intentions.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Comic Book by Leighton Gray and Vernon Shaw

I have started this book and read the first story from the book. When I started I didn’t realise it was made up of five different stories rather than a full one. I enjoyed the first one and plan to get right back into the book. I read eBooks on my tiny iPhone SE phone though so there is a lot of zooming and scrolling when I read graphic novels on it which is why I haven’t been too quick to continue reading. 😋

Library Loot

Working in a library means that I get to see and handle lots of books everyday. Which unfortunately means that I read a lot of blurbs and decide that I want to read a lot of books. I say unfortunately because I know that I will not get around to reading a large number of these books. It is a rare day that I leave a shift without a newly borrowed book in my bag.

So the below are some of the books I have checked out at the moment.

What Would the Spice Girls Do? by Lauren Bravo

With a title like that, how could you not borrow the book? I have started reading this gem but I’m not sure if I will keep going as it appears to be more about the time and history of the group rather than an exploration of the girl power movement and how they would react today (which is what I thought it was). I will keep reading it though to see if the content changes a bit more.

Bloom written by Kevin Panetta; illustrated by Savanna Ganucheau

So I saw this, read the blurb, and then looked inside and absolutely had to borrow this book. Bloom is 100% on my going to read list I just need to actually sit down and dedicate a few hours to this gem.

Misadventures with a Professor by Sierra Simone

Okay so two things with this book – Firstly, I keep seeing this series all over the place and figured they deserved a read. Secondly, I recently read a review about A Lesson in Thorns and it sounded so good, so I thought lets cross off two things with one book. Misadventures series and give Sierra Simone a read ✔

I have started reading this book and I’m enjoying it, I think I’ll have it finished very quickly too.

Book Bingo Challenge

The below are books that I intend to read to cover a tile in my 2019 Book Bingo Challenge.

Wolf Unleashed by Paige Tyler

I’ve borrowed this book and am eyeing it off as a potential read for my paranormal square. It’s the fifth in a series but of all the books in the series, this one was close at hand and sounds really good. I’ve tried to start reading it a few times but it hasn’t grabbed me and/or I haven’t been in the mood for a romantic suspense novel. I will keep trying through because it sounds really good!

The Gunslingers Vow by Amy Sandas

Like Wold Unleashed, I have tried to pick this book up a few times but it hasn’t grabbed me and I’ve run off to read something else. I’ve previously read an Amy Sandas book and loved it (it has been a scheduled post that has been reshuffled so many times, I swear it has been in the list for over a year – it’ll get published one day 😅).

I had hoped to use this book to cross off the Western tile of my Book Bingo but maybe I’ll keep and eye out for a modern cowboy read if I can’t get into this book next time I try.

I have a lot of other books that I have on my TBR list but the ones above are the ones I feel breathing down my neck. What does your TBR list look like? Do you get as stressed as I do when thinking about all you have to read?

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