SLRG: Marriage Lessons by Katie Allen

Marriage Lessons Katie AllenMarriage Lessons

by Katie Allen.

Publisher: link.

Goodreads: link.

Blurb: Roomies with benefits and the potential for so much more in Marriage Lessons by Katie Ruggle, writing as Katie Allen

Falling for your boss—no matter how fast he makes your pulse race—is such a cliché. But it’s one Annabelle Shay can’t seem to avoid. Gallery owner Louis Dumont is stupid hot. Plus, he’s sweet, sensitive and a brilliant artist. But he’s also oblivious. Which is good because Annabelle loves her job too much to risk it.

Louis hasn’t been with a woman since he was wounded in Afghanistan, remaining guarded about his body and his heart. But Annabelle is different. She keeps him grounded. Which is why protecting her—first pretending to be her husband to ward off unwanted attention, then inviting her to move in after her landlord kicks her out—feels so natural, even if it invites rampant temptation.

Try as Annabelle might, there are some desires you simply can’t shake. Louis repeatedly joke-asking her to marry him isn’t helping, especially when their unbearable attraction upgrades them to roomies with benefits. But Louis is still keeping pieces of his past to himself, leaving Annabelle to wonder if he’ll ever truly be vulnerable with her—or if she stands to lose everything.

Length: 221 pages.

Series: Off Guard #3.

Genre: Romance. Erotica.

Read as an: eBook.

My Thoughts: Marriage Lessons is a quick and enjoyable read. I started this book in the afternoon and had demolished it by the evening. The two main characters, Annabelle and Louis are charismatic, lovable, and fun to read together. Featuring the characters both met and mentioned from Baking Lessons, the book follows the story of Annabelle Shay as she settles into her new job with renowned artist Louis Dumont.

As with the previous two books, Marriage Lessons tackles some hard hitting issues. Each character from this series has served in the military with two of them carrying physical as well as emotional scars. In Marriage Lessons, Louis uses a prosthetic leg and deals with the emotional fallout of allowing Annabelle to see and help with his disability.

Allen consistently writes characters that are not only enjoyable but ones that are emotional. No matter how fun or silly characters and romances in her stories can be, there is always an emotional heart to her novels. Marriage Lessons is no different, where the romance is smile inducing, there is also a deeply emotional heart to the story with both Louis and Annabelle opening up to each others vulnerabilities.

Of the three current Off Guard books, this is my second favourite. I don’t usually rank books in that fashion but of the three books there is a 10/10 favourite book, and then one I wasn’t too keen on, so falling in the middle still means that I enjoyed the book. Don’t get me wrong, Marriage Lessons is great! It’s just that the second book Baking Lessons was one of my favourite reads of 2018.

Smut LevelMarriage Lessons is a return to par for Allen. Not only do you feel the emotional tension between Annabelle and Louis but the sexual tension is very present. In Marriage Lessons there is a sexy misuse of paint as well as a quest to tear down emotional walls and see Louis completely naked.

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