Self Care Saturday: Polyamorous by Lush

New Year, new blog feature! I’ve decided to try and write one Self Care Orientated post a month. Most of the time this will mean a post about a fancy bath bomb but others may include reviews or discussions on other things that help me deal with stress.

I think Self Care is important and I hope you enjoy the new feature ❤

polyamorous bath oil lush

Polyamorous by Lush

A little extra lovin’ goes a long way. Pop this melting amulet of amour into your bath and feel waves of skin-softening Fair Trade organic cocoa and organic shea butter cherish your skin.

Plumes of soft pink magic will unfurl across the water, as brightening Brazilian orange oil, alluring violet leaf absolute and grounding sandalwood notes put you in the mood.

Taken from the Australian Lush site.

Oh my goodness, Polyamorous by Lush was beautiful. I don’t usually enjoy bath oils or melts but this was absolutely amazing. Watching as Polyamorous melted was an enjoyable experience, seeing the pink hearts slowly dissolve and tinge the water was really lovely.

The consistency of the water was great, Polyamorous is described as a bath oil and while the water was oily it wasn’t too oily. The bath turned a nice soft pink colour and had such an amazing scent. I think Polyamorous is best suited to a warm or hot bath but the water did stay a nice consistency throughout my long soak.

For Australian readers, Polyamorous is an online exclusive, meaning you cannot find this beautiful treat in stores. Just as an FYI, when I made my purchase, Lush did recommend that I pay the extra for express shipping as Polyamorous is oil based and can melt during the posting period.

I really enjoyed Polyamorous (and not just for the name and concept) but for the experience, it was so lovely and luxurious. I felt so good after using this product and cannot wait to buy more!

4 thoughts on “Self Care Saturday: Polyamorous by Lush

  1. Yes! I love the idea of this concept and fully support it.
    I’ve always been super wary of bath melts and oils because I hate how … for lack of better word… oily they leave you feeling instead of refreshed and crispy clean. But this one looks so good! I fear a trip to lush may be on the cards …

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