Taming Fire by Leora Gonzales

Taming Fire coverTaming Fire

by Leora Gonzales.

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Blurb: Steam 

Yoga instructor Louise Pine is the ultimate caretaker. Everyone around her seems to have an emergency, but Lou hasn’t met a fire she couldn’t put out—until she’s faced with the hunky, bossy firefighter who crashes into her own backyard—and her life. No one tells Lou what to do, yet somehow the guy’s take-charge style makes her tingle . . .


Phoenix “Nix” Jones is used to calling the shots, whether he’s dealing with his younger siblings or taking on a dangerous blaze. Luckily, the fire at Lou’s is a false alarm. But the heat the fit and feisty woman ignites is far from dying out…


As the sparks turn into 5-alarm passion, can two strong-willed people end up engulfed by love—or will they crash and burn?

Release Date: November 27, 2018.
Length: 208 pages (on my tiny phone).
Series: Braving the Heat #2.
Genre: Erotica. Romance. F/M.
Read as an: eBook.
Sourced: NetGalley.

My Thoughts: Taming Heat was a quick and punchy read. While enjoying a nice glass of wine next to her fire pit, Louise (or Lou or Aunty Loulou) is interrupted by the fire brigade as they kick down her fence. It is here that Phoenix (or ‘Nix’) meets Lou. The story follows the pair as they hit it off, get turned down, and then fall in love.

Taming Heat is a romance that not only takes us on a journey as Lou and Nix fall in love but takes us along for the ride as they each grow as people. Throughout the course of the book Lou begins to stand up for herself and Nix begins to realise some tough truths about his previous lifestyle.

I’m going to be honest, at the beginning of the book I really did not care for Nix. Just as Lou takes issue with being told she is going to dinner with him (see the above reference to being turned down), I too took issue with his controlling nature. No pulling punches – Nix came off as an arsehole.

However, he does redeem himself very quickly. Nix won me over with his honesty – he is honest about his feelings for Lou and he is honest about his past ‘relationships.’ I can get behind a male lead who is willing to confront past behaviour and undergo a little personal growth.

Taming Fire had an excellent pace, some excellent spicy scenes, and I really came to enjoy the characters. While the book isn’t a stand alone, I found it quite easy to pick it and read it by itself.

I would really recommend Taming Fire for someone who was looking for a quick, spicy, and entertaining read! The fact that it features a smoking firefighter and a curvaceous female lead, doesn’t hurt either.

Please note: I received a copy of Taming Fire from NetGalley.

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