Hyped Up: The Bodyguard by James Patterson and Jessica Linden

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The Bodyguard by James Patterson and Jessica Linden


The most eligible bachelor on Capitol Hill has met his match.

Abbie Whitmore is good at her job. She knows how to protect people, and she’s always right–until Congressman Jonathan Lassiter comes along. The presidential hopeful refuses to believe that his politics have put him in danger, yet Abbie’s determined to keep him safe. But how can she protect him while she’s guarding her heart?

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The Hype

If you’ve been into a library or bookstore recently you will notice an overabundance of James Patterson books. In recent years, Patterson has released a series called Book Shots –  these book shots are tiny paperbacks that are no longer than 150 pages.

Life moves fast—books should too. Pulse-pounding thrillers under $5 and 150 pages or less. Impossible to put down.

In my library job these little books are shelf hoggers. There are so many of them and because (for some reason 😛 ) Patterson is an author that gets borrowed a lot, we have so many copies of these little books.

Since I see these books get circulated and borrowed so much, I figured I would give one a read and see what all the fuss is about.

The Verdict


Is this book easy to read?


Was this book a quick read?


Did I enjoy this book?


Do not get me wrong, these books are marketed correctly. Yes they are quick reads, and yes they are full of action. But did I feel in anyway connected to or engaged with the story? No.

I found the story enjoyable, it was a romance between a congressman and his bodyguard and it was full of action and romance. However, because of the books length and the really short chapters, I felt like I had no connection with the characters. Sure the story was filled with constant motion, but there wasn’t really any substance.

I get that these books are for people who like to read before bed or only have a limited amount of time to read. I understand, not only do I find that I am often time poor but I have lots of conversations with people who love Patterson for this very reason.

However, for me I feel like these books are hyped up. I feel they get too much attention for the amount of actual content there is and since I’ve actually taken the time to read one, I feel justified in my disliking how much shelf space they take up in the P section.

It should be noted that I read one of the romance versions of the Bookshot series. There are so many to choose from but I knew I would not enjoy any of the thrillers.  I need some sappy feelings to maintain my attention 😛

Have you read any of Patterson’s Bookshots seriesWhat do you think, did a read one that’s a poor representation of the series? Do you have a suggestion for one I should try?

Or do you agree with me, or do you think the book series (and Patterson) is oversold and over-hyped? Let me know!

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One thought on “Hyped Up: The Bodyguard by James Patterson and Jessica Linden

  1. Hmmm… given that these small books are targeting people who want quick reads and are proving quite successful at it, do you think we could see short stories and novellas getting more popular soon?
    I know in genres like science fiction and horror short stories are already super popular, and I imagine novellas are common for romances, but the novel seems to be the preferred length everywhere else. Or at least, that I’m aware of. Maybe I need to read mainstream literature more often.

    Anyways, I’ve never read one of Patterson’s Bookshots so I’m not much help here. If you do try another one I hope you have better luck.


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