SLRG: Show Off by Ember Cole

showoffShow Off

by Ember Cole.

Publisher: link.

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Blurb: Don’t look away…

I’m the kind of guy people avoid. Yeah, I’m harsh, but it’s the scar that runs from my chest to my face that isn’t doing me any favors. Doesn’t matter that it came at a huge price or that I’ve made something of myself since—experience has taught me chicks don’t dig the kind of scars I carry.

Which is why, when a gorgeous woman moves in next door and isn’t at all intimidated by me, I feel like my luck is about to turn.

Man, does it turn. Seems she gets off on me seeing her sexiest, most private moments…a lot. And I really, really like watching. Enough that I can’t resist giving her a taste of her own medicine.

What follows is the hottest week of my life, and we’ve never even spoken. Or touched. We’re both so worked up that when we crash into each other at the grocery store, no backyard fence between us, I’m ready to take her right there in the frozen foods aisle.

Bianca is bold. She hints that she’s sick of watching the previews and wants to see the whole show. I’ve never done anything like what she’s suggesting, but the ideas spinning through my head turn me the hell on. I’m going to give that woman every one of her wildest fantasies, and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll win her heart…

SHOW OFF is a scorching hot standalone M/F romance with a little M/F/M/M surprise. If you like voyeurism, exhibitionism, and ménage, this one’s for you. As with all my books, there is no cheating, and a HEA is guaranteed!

Release Date: 8 Octover, 2018.

Length: 107 pages (on my tiny phone screen)

Series: N/A Stand alone.

Genre: Erotica. Romance.

Read as an: eBook.

Sourced: NetGalley

My Thoughts: At its heart Show Off is a smut filled romance novel between a scarred architect and his neighbour, who happens to have a bit of a voyeurism kink. The novel is an very quick and engaging read that effortlessly balances plot with passion .

Sometimes with romance novels that feature a lot of erotic scenes, I find that they lack an emotional core. At no point in Show Off did I feel that story was sacrificed for the sexy scenes. Rather they worked together and fed into each other. There was enough content and character development present in the novel for me to feel connected and invested in Aidan and Bianca’s romance.

The characters were engaging as well, Bianca was a strong independent woman who at times was quite kooky and vulnerable. One memorable scene was her sudden urge for milkshakes 😛 In Show Off Bianca is often sexually in charge, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of her desires. However on the other hand she was sometimes emotionally vulnerable, she knows what she wants for her future but at times she questions her ability to find someone who will love and take her seriously.

Cue Aidan. Aidan comes off quite stoic and sometimes reserved, however when he interacts with Bianca he really came alive. The easy way in which he accepts all of Bianca was such a pleasure to read. The way he interacts with and meets Bianca’s grandmother had me smiling down into the book.

Show Off is not a book to be dismissed – it is a fun, emotional, and yes, sexy read ❤

Smut Level: Woah.

This book!

This bookwoah!

If a book comes with a little extra blurby bit just to say how ‘scorching hot’ it is, then you should listen. Show Off is 100% scorching hot! As the blurb suggests there is a foursome, exhibitionism, and a huge helping of voyeurism. Oh and just casually a HEA between the two romantic leads.

If that doesn’t tell you how incredibly hot Show Off is, it is part of the incredibly cheeky ‘One Handed Reads‘ from Entangled Publishing. So you know, there’s that.

Please note: I received a copy of Show Off from NetGalley.

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