A Game of Chance by Emma Shortt

AGameofChanceA Game of Chance

by Emma Shortt.

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Blurb: Jack Richards made his first million when he was a nerdy teen. Now, he stays out of the limelight by using an alias, Jack Chance. As CEO of a billion-dollar tech company, Jack thought he had everything he wanted. Until she came storming into his office. With her electric blue hair and voluptuous curves, Meg Marlowe’s a video game fantasy come to life.

Computer genius Meg is convinced that X-Tech has stolen her work and she breaks into its headquarters to confront her idol, billionaire Jack Richards. Who she finds instead, is Jack Chance—all bulging muscles and hard planes, he couldn’t be further from the nerd CEO she expected. A misconception that Jack is happy to go along with.

Their attraction is instant, sizzling, electric…and Meg feels like she knows this guy, though she’s only just met him. But all is not what it seems at X-Tech and that, coupled with Jack’s lie, sends their red-hot relationship, and possibly his company, into a wormhole of doom. But in the game of love, he plays to win.

Release Date: October 8th, 2018.
Length: 224 pages.
Series: Same world as The Seduction Game.
Genre: Romance.
Read as an: eBook.
Sourced: NetGalley.

My Thoughts: A Game of Chance was such a fun read!  The novel follows the story of Meg and Jack Richards/Chance as they try and discover who from the X-Tech company stole Meg’s groundbreaking research.

Ever since his popularity and status as a genius took off, Jack has taken great pains to distance himself from that image. The Jack that Meg meets in Jack Chance, a buffer, bearded, and more emotionally intelligent version of Jack Richards. It is with this name that Chance meets Megan.

The main drive of the story comes from Jack’s introduction to Meg as Chance. That is, instead of revealing that he is in fact Jack Richards, the nerdy genius she is looking for, he introduces himself as Jack Chance, Private Investigator.

I really enjoyed Jack as a character, he was a strange blend of charming and shy. Charming in how he romanced and treated Meg and shy in how he would often think back to his research into romantic desire and interactions. Normally I wouldn’t usually enjoy a romance based so much on deception but the chapters written in Jacks POV, really endeared him to me.

In addition to having two ‘nerdy’ characters A Game of Chance features so many popular culture references. You can’t finish a chapter without stumbling upon a reference to a film, book, or game – I loved it! Seeing two characters share a love of Sci-fi and seeing their internal monologues about their feelings towards the others fandoms was so fun. The fretting by Jack about his light-sabre collection after Meg said she didn’t enjoy the Star Wars series made me smile.

While the math part of the story was way over my head, the part it played in the story was very well done. At no stage did I feel like I was missing out on anything through my lack of knowledge about the more technical sides of the story.

A Game of Chance was an incredibly fun romance which had me smiling throughout the novel. I found that I genuinely liked the characters and was emotionally invested in seeing their story play out. I would really recommend A Game of Chance for anyone looking for a romance story filled with pop culture, deception, and playing til the boss level.

Please note: I received a copy of A Game of Chance from NetGalley.

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