A Treason of Truths by Ada Harper

treason of truths coverA Treason of Truths

by Ada Harper.

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Review Tagline: An action packed and emotional ride that explores truth and deception.

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She turned her back on her people and shifted her allegiance to the very Empire she was sent to betray

Now head spymaster, Lyre’s loyalty lies with Sabine, the Empress she has loved since childhood. But when Sabine visits the secretive Cloud Vault, the floating citadel home that Lyre betrayed, Lyre’s elaborate web of lies starts to untangle. Her very presence threatens Sabine’s future, and Lyre will do whatever it takes to protect her lover…even if that means sacrificing herself.

Empress Sabine Corvus has lived a life of service, pushing aside her own desires for the greater good. With the Empire teetering on the brink of war with the traitorous Syndicate, she cannot afford to show weakness. Although Lyre’s spymaster skills are her greatest weapon, their bond is Sabine’s Achilles’ heel. Regardless of the price, she will not give Lyre up.

Release Date: October 1st, 2018.
Length: 83,000 words.
Series: Whispers Universe #2.
Genre: Romance. Sci-Fi. QUILTBAG. F/F.
Read as an: eBook.
Sourced: NetGalley.

My Thoughts: A Treason of Truths is an action packed, science fiction, f/f romance story which revolves around the relationship and actions of Empress Sabine and her spymaster Lyre. Summarised by the author as a ‘Queer Girl Die Hard on a floating city,’ the book more than lives up to this description.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Sabine and Lyre – at the heart of the novel is the couples love for each other. Not only does the novel feature explosions, nanobots, and a floating city in the sky, but the main romantic tension revolves around the couple as they come to terms with the truth and deception of their relationship.

The beginning of the story is one that kind of throws you in the deep end. I found for the first few chapters that I was having a tough time differentiating between the characters and the established relationships. It wasn’t until I read the acknowledgments at the end of the novel that I realised the book was a sequel. Which suddenly made the large character presence of Olivia and Galen make so much more sense. Do not get me wrong, A Treason of Truths can most definitely be read as a stand alone. I read it without knowledge of the first book and loved it!

Outside of these first few chapter, the rest of the novel is an excellently paced sci-fi adventure that sees the pair overcome an incredible amount of hurdles. Once you leave for the Vault, I found I couldn’t put the book down.

A Treason of Truths finds a nice pace of action and emotion. Not only does the book  feature espionage, royal intrigue, and international politics, but it features a range of multifaceted characters. Mix all this with an intense and emotional romance between Sabine and Lyre, and you have an amazing and entertaining read.

Best Bits:

  • Lyre – I absolutely loved the word play of Lyre’s name. Being a spymaster, her name is a not at all subtle play on Liar. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it when members of the Senate referred to her as ‘The Liar.’
  • That cover! I love the two woman on the cover and the extra detail of the eye scar on Sabine is great. I really like it when you read a book and can see little details displayed on the cover like that ❤
  • The world building – Harper has created an expansive and immersive world in A Treason of Truths. I absolutely loved the way in which the three different societies came together and were featured within the Vault. Harper doesn’t force the information, rather it is revealed to us in an incredibly natural way.

Favourite Quote:

A Treason of Truths favourite quote

Recommendations: I would really recommend this book for anyone who was after an engaging and action packed lesbian romance.

You don’t have to be a huge fan of sci-fi to appreciate and immerse yourself in Harper’s world building. However, if you are a fan of sci-fi, then prepare to enjoy this action packed and emotion filled story!

Please note: I received a copy of A Treason of Truth from NetGalley.

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