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Those Beams!

About: Escape to the Country is a BBC produced reality TV show like no other! Well okay, it is very similar to lots of other reality realty shows that are currently available to watch but unlike those other shows, Escape to the Country features the British countryside!

The basic premise of the show is that two people (usually a newly retired married couple who have sold their city homes for a stack of cash) are shown three houses in an area of the British countryside where they are interested in moving. Two of the houses fit the couples ideals, with a third ‘mystery’ house pushing the comfort zone of the pair.

Why: I have no idea why I love this show so much. If it is on the TV I am pretty much guaranteed to sit down and watch it. I will admit, Escape to the Country is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It is very fun to sit with my partner and be super critical and judgemental on the opinions of the episodes house hunters. Also, some of those houses and villages are just so beautiful. It almost makes me want to brave the cold and escape to the country!

Best Bits:

  • I absolutely lose my shit when at the end of the episode, they let you know that the couple has brought the house! A lot of the time if there is no feedback in the credits about what happened after they finished filming, I will use my google skills to try and find out what happened.
  • The beams! It has come to my attention that exposed beams in a house is apparently a good thing, not a bad unfinished thing like I had always thought 😛
  • I must live in a barn conversion!

Thoughts so far: Netflix has the show starting at season 22 and honestly that boggles my mind. I somehow must find a copy of the first 21 seasons and watch them all! Not to mention watch everything until I am up to date! I literally cannot wait to make my way through the episodes!

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