Fallen for You by Jules Dee

FallenforYouFallen for You

by Jules Dee.

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Review Tagline: A distinct paranormal romance filled with action and intrigue that takes place across Britain.

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Blurb: When you work with someone for years, you think you know them pretty well.

Casey Wicker and Martin Bishop are a British Secret Service team with a reputation for ignoring rules but delivering results. They’ve also built a tight friendship, with more than a spark of unspoken attraction.

While on assignment to Scotland Yard, Martin rescues Casey and exposes him to a life-changing secret. Martin is not what he seems, and now that Casey is aware of that, the knowledge most likely comes with a death sentence.

When a way to avoid the tragic ending is suggested, it may very well take more cooperation than anyone is willing to expend.

Release Date: July 16, 2018.
Length: 70, 100 words.
Series: Stand Alone.
Genre: Paranormal. Romance. QUILTBAG.
Read as an: eBook.
Sourced: Netgalley.

My Thoughts: Fallen for You is an enjoyable paranormal novel, set in modern day Britain. I loved the two main characters Martin and Casey, they were each such unique characters who not only made me smile but had great chemistry. These two, coupled with the incredible world building had me racing through the book in a day.

The world building by Dee is amazing and the way in which we are slowly given information about the larger issues at play, is great! I can’t go into too much detail without giving away a major spoiler emitted from the blurb, but Dee has created a rich and wide-ranging hidden society.

Once again, I can’t go into too much detail without giving away spoilers but there is an explicit scene in the book which really made me fall in love. The two characters have a moment where, during and after, they laugh with each other and acknowledge that things aren’t like what you see in the movies.  I absolutely loved this candour and acknowledgement (dare I say fourth wall break) of romantic tropes and the almost ‘perfectness’ of each interaction. The fact that romantic leads, in a romance novel, have a non-perfect moment was incredibly refreshing and made it all the more ‘real’ for me.

Fallen for You is entertaining, action packed, and offers an in-depth and distinctive paranormal world. Dee’s writing style is immersive and I really enjoyed the story she weaved, I will definitely be on the lookout for more of her work!

Best Bits:

  • Leon and Jared – Initially Leon was such an aloof and distant character, but over the course of the novel, I fell in love. The relationship between Leon and Jared was a small subplot of the novel but it was really nice and a sweet side note.
  • The Royalty – It was a small feature of the story, but boy did it make me smile. It may seem out of context but the story about King Edward and Teddy Roosevelt made me laugh.
  • That cover! – It has been my experience that Nine Star Press have truly amazing covers! After browsing their site, I haven’t found one that I don’t like – they’re just so striking and amazing. The cover of Fallen for You is no exception, I love Big Ben in the background and the details surrounding it, encapsulates the plot so well!

Favourite Quote:

Fallen for You favourite quote

Recommendations: I would really recommend Fallen for You if you are looking for an engaging and different paranormal read. The fact that the book also has a sweet romance filled with moments of action and adventure don’t hurt either.

Please note: I received a copy of ‘Fallen for You’ from NetGalley.

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