Quick Picks: M/M Romance novels

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I am a sucker for romance novels ❤ Even more so if they’re ones with QUILTBAG characters. Some of my favourite novels from the romance genre, are ones that have two men as the romantic leads.

Don’t get me wrong, I am just as likely to be reading romances with f/f, m/m/f, f/f/m, and how conventional of me m/f pairings. In addition to these, I also have an incredible weakness for romances that feature trans and/or asexual characters.

I have grandiose plans to eventually feature each of these pairings in a similar post. So keep your eye out! In the mean time, the below are just a quick look at some of my favourites from the m/m romance genre. I hope you enjoy.

undermyskinUnder My Skin

by M.L. Rhodes.

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The publisher of this series has stopped operating, however the book is scheduled for re-release within either 2018 or 2019. 

Quick story run down: Sebastian Keller is a straight laced ‘smart guy’ who runs his own travel book shop. Dylan Radamacher is the bad boy owner of the ‘Rad Tattoo’ store that just opened up next to Sebastian.

In a book that combines two stories, you see Sebastian and Dylan break down their misconceptions of each other. As they both learn more about each other, you see their walls fall down as the pair start to hit it off. A sweet and sexy romance story follows.

Quick reasons why I love the book:

  • Cute characters: From beginning to end Sebastian and Dylan make me smile.
  • Enemies to lovers: I’m a sucker for that trope and while the pair may not have been enemies, there was some understandable animosity between them.
  • Re-readability: I found this book about eight years ago and I have re-read it some many times. I caved and tracked down a physical copy.

midsummer daysMidsummer Days

by Megan Derr

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Quick story run down: Made up of three stories connected by location, the book tells the story of three supernatural characters as they find love. As each characters story is explored, a larger story line is revealed.

Midsummer Moon follows the down trodden character Lowell as he tries to find a cure for his lycanthrophy.

Midsummer Curse features Ferdy, a cursed gremlin who can no longer touch anything mechanical. With the help of the gruff werewolf, Brayton, the curse and mystery is revealed.

Midsummer Law explores the larger story discovered in the first two stories, as Sheriff Kirby launches an investigation and finds love.

Quick reasons why I love the book:

  • Variety of characters: Each character featured in this book are so varied and different, I fell in love with each and every one of them. Especially Ferdy and Lowell ❤
  • World Building: Derr makes it seem so effortless as she creates the town of Midsummer.


Family of Lies

by Sam Argent

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Quick story run down: Sebastian Orwell saves the life of the Crown Prince and regrets it immediately. The story follows Sebastian as he reluctantly makes his way through political intrigue, family issues, and a very insistent wooing by a prince.

Surrounded by his family, both loved and tolerated, Sebastian tries to fight against what the world wants for him and what he wants for himself. Throughout all this, Sebastian fights to keep his face covered and maintain his secret but some Princes are too stubborn to be kept at arms length.

Quick reasons why I love the book:

  • The Snark: Be still my beating heart, Sebastian is the snarky prince of my dreams. I adored every sarcastic and sardonic, moment between Sebastian and Prince Turren.
  • Solid fantasy: I read a lot of fantasy and Family of Lies is a perfect example of how the genre can shine.
  • The Orwells: The author appears to have plans for more stories following this eccentric family and I cannot wait. Sebastian and his family flew off the page and were so interesting!

heavan sentjpgHeaven Sent 

by Jet Mykles.

Goodreads ||  Author || Amazon

The publisher of this series has stopped operating, the author though is in the middle of reworking some of the stories for republication. 

Quick story run down: The Heaven Sent series follows the story of each of the four main band members of ‘Heaven Sent.’ The above book tells the story of the first two characters, the singer and bass player, in the stories ‘Heaven’ and ‘Purgatory.’

Heaven begins off the series by telling the story of Tyler, an old school fan of Heaven Sent, as he hosts the band for the grand opening of a night club in his family owned hotel. Enter Johnnie, the handsome lead singer of Heaven Sent, who after a few nights of gaming with Tyler, tries to seduce Tyler away from his belief that he is simply, ‘straight.’

Purgatory tells the story of Lucas Sloane as he returns to his home town to attend the wedding of an old friend. Upon meeting Reese, who after confessing his love to Luc was turned down years before, receives an apology. Luc is in town and is looking to reestablish their friendship and rekindle the flames of love.

Quick reasons why I love the book:

  • The whole series: I don’t just love this book, I love the series. Darren’s story in ‘Faith’ is one of my favourites.
  • The diverse characters: Each character in not only the band but the partners over the course of the series, are so interesting and real.
  • The Band: Who doesn’t love a book about a famous character? Heaven Sent gives you four!

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick list and have found something you want to now read. I do know that two of the four books featured are, presently, out of print, but hopefully you can check back and add them to your to-read list.

What would you add to your list? Are there any obvious books that you think I have missed? Let me know 🙂

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