Ghost’s Sight by Morwen Navarre

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GhostsSightcoverGhost’s Sight

by Morwen Navarre.

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Six Word Summary: Surprisingly sweet post-apocalyptic fantasy love story.

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Blurb: Years ago, a bond was forged when a little boy, plagued by dreams and visions he could not explain, became the Witch’s new apprentice healer.

Gerry, a rugged and headstrong hunter, is brought to the Witch for healing, and Ghost is forced to reveal the mark beneath his snowy hair that sets him apart from other men.

But Gerry does not reject Ghost as an outcast. He finds Ghost beguiling and mysterious and declares his intent to claim Ghost as his own. When Ghost is kidnapped by a rogue ranger, Gerry will need to hunt a lethal and unpredictable prey, and Ghost will need to use all his skill to survive until Gerry can find him.

Release Date: June 11, 2018.
Length: 27, 000 words.
Series: Witch’s Apprentice.
Genre: Paranormal & M/M Romance.
Read as an: eBook.
Sourced: Netgalley.

My Thoughts: I straight up loved this little book. Initially I sat down to read one or two chapters but I ended up reading it all in one sitting. I devoured the book, loved the characters, and want more!

To me Witch’s Sight reads as a fantasy novella but really the world is set in what feels like a post-apocalyptic, paranormal space. The characters and world surrounding them felt real and over the course of the 27,000 words was incredibly fleshed out.

The main focus of the story are the characters Ghost and Gerry. I really liked these two, the way in which they first interact had me smiling and eager to read more. Ghost is a shy character who is both a seer and a witch. However, don’t be fooled my his tentative nature, Ghost knows his mind, is emotionally intelligent, and can use his ‘magic’ with the best of them.

Gerry is a dependent who wishes to one day strike off on his own as an ‘alpha.’ In this instance, an ‘alpha’ is someone who looks after and provides for dependents. I was a sucker for how Gerry treated Ghost, and how we were given insight into how the two felt for each other.

I enjoyed the pair so much that as soon as I finished the eBook, I was right onto Goodreads to see if there is a sequel.

Good news: Yes, there is a sequel.

Bad news: It was published by a company that has since closed.

Hopeful news: I am hoping that Nine Star Press will release the sequel. Since the cover of Witch’s Sight features the words, ‘Witches Apprentice Book One,’ 😛 methinks a sequel is on the horizon. I cannot wait!

Best Bits:

  • Gerry and Ghost are so adorable. I really enjoyed their sweet and endearing relationship.
  • The emotional journey that you see Conn undertake. I will admit, initially I didn’t like him but it was great seeing him mature over the course of the novella.

Favourite Quote:

Ghost's Sight favourite quote

Recommendations: Give Witch’s Sight a go if you’re looking for not only a sweet romance but a really engaging story line and world. As I said before, the book was quite a quick and entertaining read with the mesh of genres combining to create an impressive impression.

Please note: I received a copy of Ghost’s Sight from NetGalley.

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