Currently Consuming: The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya

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Look at all the pretty boys you can ‘love!’

About: The Men of Yoshiwara: Kukuya is a Japanese romance visual novel that follows the story of a user-named character (in my case Gertrude Issaprúde) as she (hopefully) finds love.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, the main character is offered the chance to spend one night with a courtesan in a brothel. Players are then given the option of which man to select for the night. Each selection offers players a longer story that explores that character in more depth. Depending on how well you answer prompts and how much the character likes you (a points based system determined from the answers you select), you finish with one of two happy endings.

Why: I’ve played a number of smart phone romantic (and yaoi) visual novels, however the Switch version of this game drew me because of the absence of micro-transactions.

Best Bits: So far I have played Iroha (the brothels host who harbours a serious secret) who’s story I enjoyed and I am about half way through Takao’s story (the arrogant and most popular courtesan). I am enjoying it so far as both of the characters stories seem to be quite different.

In addition to this, some of the lines of dialogue and story do seem to be unintentionally hilarious. I am sure that there may be issues with translations or I am potentially ignorant of cultural associations with a phrase or event, however there are a few moments where word choices have caused me to giggle.

Thoughts so far: I’m not a huge fan of the characterisation of the female main character that you play – she does seem to come off as incredibly naive and a bit of a doormat.

However, I have been enjoying the game and I can usually be found with a smile on my face as I read the story. It has been quite fun to share a giggle with my partner as I show them some of the more outrageous and sexual interactions.

An example of some of the more …out there quotes.

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