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A sweet, kick-started, gender fluid, cat themed, dating sim that will melt your heart.

About: Hustle Cat is a dating sim created by the team at Date Nighto. Originally on Kickstarter, the game is one that pushes past gender binaries and provides male, female, and trans pronouns for the main character. In addition to this there are two custom characters that you can select from which, once again, allow you to select from neutral representations and racial characteristics.

The story is one that sees the main character start work at a cat cafe and fall under a witches curse. I can’t go into too much detail as it will give away a few spoilers, but the art and style of the game is adorable. I loved every character and could not wait to romance each character. Available on Steam, Itch IO, and on the Date Nighto website, the game is a cute, fun, and very welcoming dating sim.

Why: I love to support LGBTQ projects on Kickstarter and this one had my attention from the moment I saw it. As a fan of dating sims, one that let me romance everyone no matter my gender was one that I couldn’t wait to play.

Best bits: I do love the cute cats and the character reaction images. The game is tame in that it does not have any H or adult material but the kiss pictures are just so sweet.

Thoughts so far: I have romanced two of the characters, Finely and Hayes, and cannot wait to explore the other characters stories. The fast forward function is also a great feature as it allows you to skip over the story that you have already played through.avery

I really enjoyed being able to play one game as a guy and pairing up with Hayes, and then playing as a woman and pairing with Mason, only to play again as trans and whoo Reese. If Date Nighto decide to create any more games that have this feature I will be the first to support them!

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