Book Bingo

Thanks to the lovely Amy of Lost in a Good Book, I have recently hopped on the Book Bingo Bandwagon. So after a few hours of deliberation and then a few more hours making the image, I present you with the ‘What I Like’ Book Bingo List.


Book Bingo (2)

You may notice that there is a quite a diverse range of options but a lot of these are open to interpretation. For all of you who want to know, B.C.E. means Before Common Era which is essentially a non-denominational way of saying B.C. or Before Christ. Additionally MC simply means Main Character and ‘Pile of Shame’ is in reference to those books that are the ‘to read’ piles.

If anyone is interested in using this bingo card, go ahead. I only ask that you attribute the blog if you post it anywhere 🙂 You should look forward to sporadic updates about my progress as the year proceeds.  As always, happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Book Bingo

  1. Ohh I love this idea and am currently contemplating doing one myself!
    I love your card because you are planning to read outside what a lot of other people would never think to pick up.
    Have you seen the one the disgruntled author posted on twitter about their reviewers? She know wonders why alot of reviewers are upset.

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    1. You should totally do one!! It was so fun thinking of all the things to add in it! I think some of mine will be hard to find but it will be fun finding them! 🙂
      I did see that bingo card. She had some points (like the GIF review) but did it in a kind of insulting way. Felt like she was attacking the reviewers.

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