TableTop Day

tabletopday_logoThe 5th of April marks the second International TableTop Day. For those who do not know, TableTop is a web series hosted by Wil Wheaton that explores board and card games. Co-produced by Felicia Day, the series is part of the larger company, Geek and Sundry. Each episode of TableTop sees a new game take centre stage as the rules are laid out before Will and three of his (often famous) friends then play the game.

TableTop Day is a day where people come together to play, you guessed it, tabletop games. The website of the Day offers lists of events that are taking place all over the globe. Clubs, conventions, stores, fans and even publishers are among the types of people hosting events. Lauded as a success last year, TableTop Day is one that has seen the registration of numerous different events, with the site even stating that in the previous year every continent, including Antarctica, participated.

At its very core, TableTop Day is a day that celebrates gaming and having fun with your friends and family. So whether you are an expert gamer or a complete novice, dust off those games and on the 5th of April, have some fun.

If you do make a day of it and celebrate TableTop Day, why not share the fun with the hashtag, #tabletopday

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