Supanova: Pop Culture Expo

supanova-8The Supanova Expo held at the Sydney Showground, Olympic Park, is one that has become annual weekend for me. This convention that houses special guest actors, authors, artists and numerous stalls is one that embraces all that popular culture gives. In its now eleventh year the expo has drawn the likes of celebrities such as Carrie Fisher, David Hasselhoth, Carl Urban and three of the The Hobbit dwarves. However, highest on my list of the guests is Alan Tudyk actor from shows such as Firefly, DollhouseSuburgatory and one of my personal favourite films, Death at a Funeral.

Voice actors from anime, western cartoons and games also feature in the expo with the likes of Greg Cipes (Ben 10), Lauren Tom (Futurama) and Richard Horowitz (Angry Beavers) being in attendance. Authors are also in included at the expo with world renown writers such as Richard E. Feist, Kate Forsyth and Trudi Canavan signing autographs and holding seminars.

You simply won’t believe the popularity of this event until you are back to chest with people walking down a lane. The claustrophobia of the more popular sections of the event, such as the stalls and artist alley, open up to the less cramped area of the anime stadium and panel area. Another draw card of the event is the cosplayers. To those who don’t know, cosplaying is the equivalent of dressing up as your favourite character from a game, show, anime or movie. Don’t be fooled by their cute and intricate costumes, its a cut throat community which culminates in the cosplay contest. However, for the everyday person such as myself slack jawed ‘ohhs’ and ‘awws’ will be had at the amazing costumes worn.

If you live in Sydney or near abouts, the annual Supanova Expo is one that comes highly recommended. Not to worry for all the inter-staters, as the event is one that travels throughout the year to the other capitals of Australia. If you have always wanted to go to Coimic Con but simply cannot afford it, Supanova is a great first experience into the convention world.

3 thoughts on “Supanova: Pop Culture Expo

  1. Hope you are having an awesome time. I loved last year’s one and wish we were all going again this year! I’ll just have to make up for it and go next year again 🙂

    Did you and Mark dress up this time?


      1. Still Jealous! Who was there and what were your favourite parts this year? I thought about this and all the fun you and Mark would be having last weekend 🙂


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