Sims 3: Seasons

The_Sims_3_Seasons_CoverThe EA simulation game The Sims 3 is one that I find both addicting and a guilty pleasure. The term guilty pleasure is used in this case if only because the game is one that I find is played whilst something else has to be done. That is, The Sims 3 is a game that feeds procrastination.

A simulation game, in that you are simulating the lives of ‘Sim’s’ that you have created, is one that provides you with an open world in which to guide your characters life. After choosing a specific town, the options of who to create, how to control and what to do are all left to the player. A person could choose to play generation after generation from their original Sim, or the aging mechanism can be turned off and a Sim could achieve immortality. The possibilities are virtually endless.

The newest expansion pack of the base game The Sims 3 is Seasons. This pack sees the addition of a weather function and the flow of changing seasons. Having skipped The Sims 2, this new pack and addition of weather is one that has proven to add to game play exponentially. If there was ever a feeling of something missing, this is the pack to quell these emotions. The inclusions of snow, rain, heat and the cold flesh out the game, with new mood lets appearing in correspondence with these events.

As well as the addition of mood lets, the change of the seasons is one that invokes a quarterly ‘festival.’ Coinciding with Spring, the town embraces a dance contest and egg hunt while the Autumn town square sees the addition of a spooky castle and apple bobbing. Coupled with these festivals are new actions that the Sims can do, for example in Autumn young Sims can trick or treat, or in Winter mistletoe can be purchased and a gift giving party can be thrown.

The addition of a downloadable patch that adds a blue print function, lets you choose from pre-made and furnished rooms, allowing players to quickly create a home or add an extension to a pre-existing house. This new function is one that is time saving and has been incorporated into my game play numerous times.

Whether you are a new player looking for a pack to upgrade your base game with, or a seasoned player with all the expansions, Seasons is to not be missed.

3 thoughts on “Sims 3: Seasons

  1. I understand this guilty pleasure completely. I usually find the time that I really want to play is when I need to be doing something else; but when I do give in I must say Seasons is a high favourite and very addictive. Personally Pets trumps all, but having come from Sims 2 where so little was able to be really done, 3 in any form is amazing to me.


    1. Pets comes in a close second for me if only for all the more ‘down to earth’ clothes they have. And I find that yes, when I do play I play in phases. I won’t touch it for weeks and then bam, I can’t stop.


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